Levitation 49 Shares Manifesto Highlights

The following  are the top six points of the Levitation 49 manifesto:

We get stuff done. We foster a culture of doing. We are committed to best practices in planning, budgeting and spending in order to make good things happen and realize quantifiable mission-supporting results. 

We embrace positivity. We work hard and we have fun. We find ways to keep smiling even in the most stressful situations. 

We are committed to excellence. We will be become known as innovators and leaders by keeping an eye on best practices in organizational development, storytelling and mountain sports industry trade and consumer market trends. We will adapt or pivot as needed.

We are inclusive and collaborative. We seek opportunities to forge positive working relationships that leverage our strengths with those of elected and appointed bodies, allied organizations, sponsors and individuals who support our mission.

We act and speak with integrity. We are transparent. 

We have each others' backs. We stand united: when one of us has a problem, we work together to solve it. When someone needs a hand, we reach ours out to help. We accept responsibility for our own actions. We never "throw anyone under the bus."