Levitation 49 Set to Start New Year with New Partners


VALDEZ, AK - Non-profit sports commission Levitation 49 is set to start the new year with two new significant partnerships. The Valdez City Council has fully funded a grant request that Levitation 49 get off the ground and the International Mountain Bicycling Association welcomes Levitation 49 as its first chapter in Alaska.

The City of Valdez Community Sustaining Organization grant for $150,000 will support L49’s mission to diversify the local economy through events and projects that support the mountain sports lifestyle. 

“Beyond thankful, we are humbled to enjoy the unanimous support of a very forward-thinking City Council that supports this new direction for Valdez,” said L49 Executive Director Lee Hart. L49 Founder and President Nick Weicht added, “Now comes the good but hard work of bringing all our plans to life.”

A significant portion of the grant will pay to shine a media spotlight on these three L49 events next year: 

L49 is also leading the process of developing a community-driven master trail plan encompassing greater Valdez from Prince William Sound to 54 miles up the Richardson Highway. The highway is the only road that connects Valdez to the rest of Alaska. That effort is supported by a National Park Service Rivers Trails Conservation Assistance grant that was awarded this past fall.

On December 12, IMBA confirmed L49’s chapter status. Representatives of IMBA are planning to celebrate the chapter and host a membership drive during L49’s Chugach Fat Bike Bash in March.

ABOUT LEVITATION 49. Levitation 49 is a non-profit sports co,,is soon dedicated to economic diversification through the development and promotion of events and projects that enhance the mountain sports lifestyle in Valdez, AK. For more information about Levitation 49, it's projects and events, visit the website Http://levitation49.org.