What we do:


Budget cuts in the State of Alaska means the State cannot afford to maintain and manage several state recreation sites located close to Valdez. Faced with the loss of these important outdoor recreational resources, Valdez Adventure Alliance stepped up to keep them open for use by visitors and Valdez residents. Since then, Valdez Adventure Alliance has undertaken them as Community Service Projects. To volunteer or donate for any projects, please contact events@valdezadventure.com

Worthington Glacier State Recreation Site- a natural wonder, an important local for environmental education, and a vital rest-stop between Glennallen and Valdez. This is one of the few glaciers accessible by road, further, there is a paved trail, usable by wheelchairs, to the foot of the glacier. Current summer visitation may sometimes be close to 1,000 visitors in a day. (Current cost for toilet paper is $300/week.)

Blueberry Lake State Recreation Site-This campground is important as a location for families and youth groups from Valdez, as it is affordable for large and/or low-income families. (For reservations please see camping page.)

Shoup Bay Cabins- three public use cabins in Shoup Bay State Marine Park. These cabins are currently accessible by water only. (For reservations please see camping page.)


Shoup Bay Trail: This is a favorite trail of community members, but because of the kinds of plants and the amount of sunlight, it is very difficult to keep cleared. Additionally, part of this trail is used by the 4th grade each year toward the end of school.

Valdez Master Trails Plan:


Classes for all ages and skill levels are offered during our events, including classes especially for youth and women and adaptation classes for the physically challenged. Fee waivers for these classes are available when funded.

Coming soon- classes in aerial silks, and Onewheel.


Each year we host two major events

Valdez Ice Climbing Festival

Valdez Fatbike Bash